Does Your Show Pup Struggle While Chewing? They May Need Braces

Your cute little show puppy shows signs of growing into an excellent show dog, but lately, she has had trouble with chewing. Understanding what is happening here, and how canine braces can help, is critical to ensuring your pup's show success. If Your Pup Shows Dental Pain, Something is Wrong Puppies rarely experience dental problems at a young age and, therefore, typically don't need too many dental fixes. However, a puppy may show signs of pain while chewing their favorite toy, including whimpering, howling, or even refusing to chew on the toy any more. [Read More]

3 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

Your dog or cat may look like they are really warm with all of their fur, but the cold weather can impact your pets as well. That is why you need to make sure your pets stay warm during the cold winter months. #1 Keep Your Pet Dry When your pet gets cold, they are not able to stay warm. Their coat provides them with insulation, but much of that insulation property is lost when their fur gets wet. [Read More]

Here's Why Your Indoor Cat Needs Its Claws Trimmed

Most cat owners don't think about their cat's claws. Since a cat in the wild doesn't need human assistance with its claws, why would a pet cat that's kept indoors? However, the reality is, if you keep your cat exclusively indoors, they may actually need assistance with their claws to avoid being seriously injured. Here's what you need to know about your cat's claws and why they should be trimmed on a regular basis. [Read More]

Coprophagia, Parvo, And Pet Vaccinations: How These Are All Tied Together

Dogs get into all kinds of mischief they should not. They also do a lot of things dogs are known to do, and which humans find disgusting. Unfortunately, one of those nasty habits is coprophagia​, or the consumption of feces. Dogs are notorious fecal eaters, often consuming not just their own feces, but the feces of other dogs. This leads to a lot of serious health problems, including worms and internal parasites, and diseases that can kill your dog. [Read More]