Rattlesnake Vaccines For Dogs: The Facts For Concerned Pet Parents

If you care a lot about your dog, you will make sure they get the vaccinations they need from the time they are a puppy. From distemper and rabies to parvovirus and canine coronavirus, basic immunizations do provide a high level of protection for your pet. However, there is one vaccine that is relatively modern and not one that a lot of pet parents know anything about: the rattlesnake vaccine. If you live in an area where there is a high concentration of rattlesnakes, the worry that your dog could be bitten is always major. [Read More]

Steps To Be A Responsible New Pet Owner

Becoming a pet owner can be a major responsibility that individuals may not always thoroughly research first. This can lead to them making mistakes that can put their new pet's health at risk for largely needless reasons. A little research and forethought will allow your pet to avoid these issues so that it will have the highest quality of life while avoiding potentially expensive medical bills. Keep Your Indoor Pet Vaccinated [Read More]

Top Benefits Of Purchasing A Pet Wellness Plan

Owning a pet is an amazing experience, and in most cases, pets become family members. However, being a pet owner also involves a number of responsibilities, such as ensuring that your pet has access to veterinary care and making sure that he is healthy and happy. Whether you are thinking about getting a pet dog or cat, or already have a furry family member, you may want to seriously consider purchasing a pet wellness plan. [Read More]

How To Treat Your Dog's Arthritis Naturally

Arthritis is an ailment that commonly affects older humans. Unfortunately, it can also afflict dogs. If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, you'll want to do everything you can to soothe their discomfort. Here are four tips that will help you treat your dog's arthritis naturally. 1. Give your dog joint supplements. Certain supplements can alleviate joint pain and promote stronger joints. Glucosamine is a popular supplement that supports joint health. [Read More]