A Vet Deals With Many Pet-Related Needs

When you become a pet owner, you probably want to learn about the different types of services a vet will offer. This way, you know when you can go to them for many different types of things that your pet may be in need of. Learn more about some of the many vet services that most animal hospitals will offer. 

Medical care

The most obvious thing a vet does is handle the medical care for all types of pets. They do everything from exams and routine vaccinations to handling animal health emergencies. They handle the diagnosis, the treatment, and provide the medications for pets. The vet is also the one who will spay and neuter pets. 

Dental care

The vet will handle dental care for animals. This care includes routine teeth cleaning, as well as dealing with dental-related problems that may arise.

Clipping and trimming

Another thing that can be done at the vet's office is the trimming of a pet's nails. Some people like to have this done at the vets because they just find it to be easier. However, there are some animals who put up a good fight when getting their nails trimmed, and the vet's staff knows how to trim them in the easiest manner possible. The vet's office also handles things like the clipping of a bird's wings, which prevents pet birds from being able to fly off and get lost.

Flea and tick bath

If an animal ends up with a serious case of fleas or ticks, then the vet can make sure that they have an exam to see that the infestation hasn't affected their health. Plus, they will be able to receive a flea and tick bath that will get all of the fleas and ticks off of them. It's a good idea to have this done while the owner is at the home treating the pet's bed and the rest of the home. 


Another thing that a lot of vet's offices do is to board pets for people who need them to be watched for any reason. Boarding at the vet's is something many pet owners prefer because they know their pet's vet staff, and they know that medical attention will be available immediately if their pet ends up needing something while they are out of town. 


Most vet's offices will carry certain supplies that they feel are better for their client's pets. For example, some pet food is prescription-necessary food, and this food can be purchased right in the vet's office. They also tend to have things like vitamins and other supplements, as well as toothpaste and other pet-related merchandise.