This Is Why You Should Buy Your Cat Anti-Flea Topical From The Vet

Beating fleas is something that all pet owners should be committed to. Whether or not your cat goes outside, they can pick up fleas anytime. For many pet parents, anti-flea topical treatments are a preference, but there are some caveats to making sure that you get the best and safest treatment. If you've had frustrating experiences with these medications or don't know where to start, you should consider buying them directly from a veterinary clinic. [Read More]

A Vet Deals With Many Pet-Related Needs

When you become a pet owner, you probably want to learn about the different types of services a vet will offer. This way, you know when you can go to them for many different types of things that your pet may be in need of. Learn more about some of the many vet services that most animal hospitals will offer.  Medical care The most obvious thing a vet does is handle the medical care for all types of pets. [Read More]

Keep Your Dog Safe This Spring With These Five Tips

Spring is the time to get outside again with your dog. As spring starts up, it is essential to understand the unique health challenges that spring presents and know how to keep your dog safe. 1. Protect Against Flea and Ticks Fleas and ticks tend to come out more frequently when the weather gets warmer. At the start of spring, you will want to start protecting your pet against fleas and ticks. [Read More]

Tips For Feeding Your New Kitten

A new kitten is a wonderful addition to the family. If this is your first time having a kitten, you might be wondering how you can take care of your new pet. After all, you want them to be healthy and happy. You may be anxious to know how much or how little to feed your cat. You may also want to know the type of food that is best for them so that they can stay healthy. [Read More]