Protect Your Dog Or Cat From These Four Fall Foes

Every season has its inherent hazards for pets, and fall is no exception. With the changing of the weather comes a host of potential dangers for dogs and cats.   This fall, protect your pet from these four hazards:  1. Rodenticides When the weather cools, rodents try to find their way into someplace warm for winter- perhaps your house! This is when many people begin to use rodenticide to kill rats and mice, as well as prevent an infestation, which brings its own health hazards. [Read More]

Searching For A Veterinarian Role: Four Details To Review

Providing animals with the care and support they need to remain healthy is a role that requires attention to detail. Did you know that this essential skill should also be applied to a veterinarian job search? The working environment that an animal healthcare professional works in will impact every aspect of their role, so it is important to pay attention to detail during the job search. Work Schedule Expectations Determine the type of environment you want to work in. [Read More]

Vet Care Your Puppy Needs In Their First Year

Dogs need vet care throughout their lives in order to enjoy their best health. However, puppies do tend to need more regular vet care than mature, middle-aged dogs. Here are the key kinds of vet care that a puppy will typically need during their first year of life. Anatomy Assessment When your puppy is young, the vet will want to look them over for any abnormal anatomical features. For example, if they have one leg that is longer than another or a deformity in their hip, this is something the vet will note. [Read More]

Dog Pawing At Its Mouth a Lot? What It May Be

If your dog is pawing at its mouth a lot more than usual, or is attempting to rub its face on the ground a lot, or is even missing fur around its muzzle from so much rubbing, it could be a few different issues. Your dog may also not be eating or drinking much, which could also be a sign to watch out for. These things can all be caused by an oral health issue. [Read More]