Does Your Show Pup Struggle While Chewing? They May Need Braces

Your cute little show puppy shows signs of growing into an excellent show dog, but lately, she has had trouble with chewing. Understanding what is happening here, and how canine braces can help, is critical to ensuring your pup's show success.

If Your Pup Shows Dental Pain, Something is Wrong

Puppies rarely experience dental problems at a young age and, therefore, typically don't need too many dental fixes. However, a puppy may show signs of pain while chewing their favorite toy, including whimpering, howling, or even refusing to chew on the toy any more.

When these symptoms occur, there is likely a real problem with your pup's dental health. One of the most common of these is misaligned teeth, an issue that can complicate a dog's ability to eat and even sabotage their success as a cute little show pup.

Crooked Teeth May Cause Chewing Problems

Like humans, dogs may suffer from misaligned teeth that grow worse as the pup ages. For example, a tooth growing in a slightly wrong direction may press up against another tooth next to it and jab it into the other dog's jaw. Unfortunately, this may cause excessive pain in the pup that is hard to diagnose.

In some cases, misaligned teeth could become obvious enough that a judge at a dog show could notice. In this scenario, your poor pup may be judged harshly and lose shows that they could have otherwise won. Thankfully, there are ways to manage this situation.

Fixes Are Available

If you believe that your poor pup's teeth are misaligned and causing their chewing problems, there are a few fixes that you can take. Often, people choose to have the misaligned teeth removed. The strength of a dog's jaw is such that it should still be able to eat most types of food even if it is missing a tooth. However, other owners may want to get braces.

That's right, you can put braces on your pooch if they have crooked teeth. The benefits of this approach a numerous. First of all, you'll save their teeth and keep them from going through the pain of removal. If you plan on your pup being a show dog, straighter teeth will be useful for helping them stand out from the crowd.

If your pup shows signs of dental dismay and needs help recovering, don't hesitate to contact a dog dentistry service near you. It might seem hard to believe, but there are professional canine dentists who work hard to provide your bodacious buddy with a better grin.