3 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

Your dog or cat may look like they are really warm with all of their fur, but the cold weather can impact your pets as well. That is why you need to make sure your pets stay warm during the cold winter months.

#1 Keep Your Pet Dry

When your pet gets cold, they are not able to stay warm. Their coat provides them with insulation, but much of that insulation property is lost when their fur gets wet. A pet with really thick fur may retain some insulation properties when they are wet, but a pet with thin or short fur will pretty much lose all of their insulation.

When your pet goes outside, and comes in wet, take a towel and dry them off. If you are planning on going on a long walk in the snow or when it is really wet outside, invest in a coat for your pet to help keep them dry.

If your pet likes to stay outside, make sure your pet has shelter. Provide them with a place to get out of the cold and stay dry.

#2 Keep Your Pet Warm

Keep your pet warm. If you have an outside pet, you need to provide them with a shelter. You need to make sure the shelter is warm as well. You can adding heating elements to the shelter to keep your pet warm.

If you keep your pet in the garage when you are away from work, try to make it as warm as possible. Consider setting up a warming area in the garage for your pet.

If you leave your pet inside of your home, make sure you keep the temperature at a comfortable level for your pet. If you don't want to heat your entire home, heat the room that you leave your pet in.

#3 Keep Your Pet Cozy

Keep in mind your pet sleeps on the ground, where the cold tends to gather. Keep your pet warm by providing them with a more comfortable place to sleep during the winter months.

Make your dog or cat's bed a little cozier. Provide them with a bed that is elevated above the floor. Provide them with blankets that are warm and cozy, and give them extra blankets to cuddle up with in order to stay warm.

For a cat, you may want to elevate their bed off the ground for the winter months. This will help keep them warm.

Keep your pet's dry and warm this winter. Getting wet and too cold can be dangerous for your pets, who can develop hypothermia. Contact a veterinarian if you have concerns.