Is a Dip in the Nip a Good Trip for Your Cat?

What's better than having a soft, fuzzy, friendly feline to frolic with in your life? A really happy soft, fuzzy, friendly feline. For most cats, that ticket to happiness is a quick dip in the nip—catnip, to be more specific. Since it is a sort of drug, though, you want to know more about it before letting your cat get too carried away with it. 1. What, Exactly Is Catnip? [Read More]

Signs Of Hearing Impairment In Cats

You may think it's normal for your cat not to respond to your call or appear to not pay any attention to you, but it could mean that your cat has a hearing problem. Hearing problems are not uncommon with cats, especially as they age. However, it's not always obvious that their hearing ability is poor as cats often mask their disabilities. If your cat is hearing impaired, it means that you may need to make some changes to accommodate him or her. [Read More]